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This week’s recipe is a roasted lamb culotte, just in time for Easter! Lamb has been a tradition for the Easter Sunday lunch in my family, as it is for many cultures around the world, and I can’t have an Easter Sunday without lamb. It just wouldn’t feel right! So here...


Casseroles really are a comforting dish, transforming simple ingredients into a delightful experience. Combine that with the sweet, nutty taste of butternut squash and, if you ask me, you have a match made in heaven! And the best part is that it’s made with nutritious ...


Although I love dried cod, it’s just not easy to find here in Denmark, so today I am sharing a recipe of fresh cod, which, with its mild flavour and delicate texture is, nonetheless delicious. In this recipe, the cod is cooked in a creamy mushroom sauce


This week I am posting a dessert recipe. And you might be wondering, is dessert really paleo? And is a paleo treat really healthy? Well, although definitely healthier than a gluten, grain and dairy filled traditional dessert, a paleo treat is still a treat. It still co...


Our bodies are home to trillions of microorganisms that live in our skin, intestines, nose, ears, mouth, and in every barrier tissue. Our bodies actually contain (roughly) equal amounts of microorganisms and human cells.[1] These microorganisms form our microbiota and...


Frikadeller are flat, meatball-like patties made with minced pork, and one of the most popular dishes in Denmark. This paleo and AIP version of Frikadeller comes from my boyfriend’s family recipe, which was then tweaked to make a grain and egg-free version that it’s tr...


Last week, we delved into gluten, how it can trigger autoimmunity and why you should eliminate it from your diet, especially if your goal is to heal from autoimmune disease. And by experience, I know that, at the beginning it can be difficult to avoid it


When transitioning to the autoimmune protocol or just to a normal paleo diet, it may be difficult at first to imagine tasty and easy-to-do alternatives to the regular side dish of potatoes or rice (especially if you are coming from a standard western diet). This dish i...


From all the dietary triggers that contribute to the development of autoimmune disease, gluten may be the biggest contributor. More and more autoimmune diseases are being linked to gluten sensitivity.


Green smoothies are an excellent snack or breakfast side, offering a quick boost of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, without the higher sugar content of other fruit loaded smoothies. But if you are like me, you will agree that they are often watery

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